Cheap Travel Insurance After An Operation


Compare travel insurance after an operation otherwise you might pay too much for your cover.

A lot of people worry, that after having an operation, they may not be able to find affordable travel insurance, however many are surprised to find this isn’t actually the case.

By using our travel insurance comparison service, you will be able to find affordable cover, specifically designed to cover you after an operation, be it a heart bypass operation, a back operation or a cataract removal operation.

Provided you have been given the ‘fit to fly’ by your doctor after your operation, we should be able to find a policy to suit you.

The most common operations we encounter are:
• Heart bypass operation
• Coronary stents operation
• Insertion of a pacemaker / defibrillator
• Cardiac valve operations
• Joint replacement operations
• Hysterectomy operation
• Embolectomy operation
• Organ transplant operations (such as kidney transplant, liver transplant, heart transplant)

It is important to declare to the insurer whether you have had an operation for any condition, particularly if it has been within a 24 month period.

If you don’t disclose your operation then you may not be able to make a claim under your travel insurance for any medical treatment you need whilst you are on holiday. Also this could affect whether you are able to make a claim under the cancellation options should you fall ill before the holiday starts or there are complications from the operation.